Release Day for Sweet Dreams


Today wasn’t my first release day, but it was the first release day for something that I’d self-published. Being such a quick, spontaneous release meant I didn’t do a whole lot of promoting or marketing. The cover reveal came out barely two days before I had a pre-order link out, and a week later was the release! A special mention goes out to Meg Bawden and Susan Reeves for their role in how this story came together, from the cover design and proof-reading to their unwavering support that yes, it was worth putting out there for everyone to read.

I’ve been lucky enough to have befriended some wonderful authors and bloggers over the last 9 months or so and they’ve all been endless sources of encouragement and support. When I posted the cover reveal and offered some giveaways, several volunteered to have me visit their blogs for guest posts to help get the word out. I have a couple of posts up on Ki Brightly’s blog ( with some delicious recipes and the opportunity for some prizes right now, with posts for Nic Starr and MM Good Book Reviews coming up in the next week too!

As far as results go, Sweet Dreams came out much stronger than I’d dared to hope, hitting #9 in the Short Story category on Amazon AU earlier this afternoon. Even though it isn’t a huge category, I’m over the moon with the sales so far and feeling far more confident and invigorated about self-publishing than I was before. Here’s hoping I can channel that confidence and motivation into inspiration and motivation for all of the WIPs I’ve been struggling with so far this year. Riveting Reads Australia is getting ever closer, after all.

Happy April 1st!


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